6 Things to Do Before Buying a Home

Kathy Grabowy April 16, 2022

6 Things to Do Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is a lifetime investment and a dream come true for many! That’s why it is essential to make sure that certain things are paid attention to while home-hunting. Here are six things you must do before buying a home.

1. Don’t Buy for Today

Even if homebuying is just an idea that you’re pondering over, start thinking ahead of the life you have today. Homes are for a lifetime, and it makes more sense to buy one for the life you want to build in it versus the one you have right now. This could mean anything from a house with a yard if you’re going to adopt a puppy or an extra couple of bedrooms if you are planning a big family.

2. Stay True to What You Can Afford

The mortgage company may offer you an amount significantly higher than what you can afford monthly payments for. It is wise to determine what amount of your monthly paycheck you want to spend on your mortgage and then look for a house in that budget. It is crucial to work this amount out and stick to it without falling prey to external pressures. Remember, only you know yourself and your other commitments best.

3. Consider the Entire Cost

The purchase price is just one part of the total cost involved in purchasing a home. It is vital that you do not fixate on it and instead calculate the empirical cost of owning a home. This includes insurance, homeowner association fees, and real estate taxes. This will give you an idea of how much you will be spending on the whole.

4. Negotiate and Renegotiate

We don’t mean just the cost. There is a lot of paperwork to sign when purchasing a home. Many of those documents, which are actually contracts, appear to be “typical” property purchase agreements with little space for negotiation, but that is not the case. Contracts are supposed to be negotiated. You are not required to sign a conventional contract. That’s where a savvy Real Estate Agent will come in handy.

5. Look beyond the Surface

A bad paint job or a couple of scratched surfaces can be fixed very easily when compared to things like making changes to kitchens and bathrooms. It is important to look at houses from this point of view to ensure that even if you have to shell out some cash to polish it up, it is minimal and not too invasive to the structure of the house.

6. Get Yourself a Trusted Real Estate Agent

It’s always a good idea to work with a Real Estate Agent to find the home of your dreams. They can help you identify the right property, negotiate with the owner, and get the best prices.
A Real Estate Agent is there to help you navigate all the above-mentioned scenarios and more while constantly keeping your best interests at heart. From negotiating prices to supervising home inspections and everything in between, Kathryn Ward Grabowy can help you find your dream home. She is the best Real Estate Agent you can find in and around Monmouth County, NJ. Give her a call at +1 (732) 259-5505 for more information.

Work With Kathy

Whether buying or selling, moving is a significant milestone in your life. This experience should as stress free as possible. With many years of real estate experience, Kathy have a wealth of resources I can put to work for you to make this transition as seamless and stress free as possible.

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